Our Building Story

Our Building Story

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Hi! Welcome to our blog! I’m so glad you found us!

This is the first blog post and I wanted to share a little bit about our family. My name is Kiah and my husband’s name is James. We have known each other most of our lives and went to the same small church and school. Throughout our childhood we were friends and about a year after I graduated high school we started dating. Another year later we married and will celebrate our 15 year anniversary this June. God has blessed us with three amazing boys.

        From the very start of our marriage we have loved getting our hands dirty with fixer uppers and DIY. Our first house was a fixer upper, and we bought three more putting sweat equity into each of them and selling them for a profit. My family has flipped several houses and James and I helped with all of them. Working on houses is something my husband and I are drawn to and naturally love to do. 

      Building a house was something I had always dreamed about. As I kid I was always interested in construction and design. I shared this dream with James and he was skeptical being the realist in the relationship. We were newlyweds just starting out in life. But we worked really hard on staying frugal and keeping our debt low. We learned from all our fixer upper houses and my parent’s flip houses. Through the years the dream of building grew into our dream, and it started to seem possible.

      A few years ago we started looking at lots and considering the idea of using Ubuilit to help us build it ourselves.  We wanted to stay in our school district and found some one acre lots in the country. When we met with the owner and looked at the lots it just didn’t feel right. Ultimately wanted more acreage and still had a lot to do on our current fixer upper, our fourth house. So we put buying a lot on hold and concentrated on finishing our home and building equity

     In February of 2018 I was going through our files and saw the info from that one acre lot. It had a phone number jotted down on the bottom of it and so I called just to see what the status was on the remaining lots. But it wasn’t the number of the owner of the lots we had looked at. It happened to be the number of a guy who was getting ready to put some 5 acre lots up for sale in the country. These lots were in another desirable school district and were closer to my husbands work. I asked if we could go look at now and he agreed! 

      As we were driving to the land I realized that this was the area in the country I had always dreamed about building but thought it was out of reach. Lots don’t come up for sale too often in this area. It checked off everything on our list:  a good price, easy access to the highway for my husband’s commute,  a great school, a neighborhood development with 5 acre lots, and beautiful scenery.

    We drove up to the property that still had cows on it. I wanted a lot in the back for more privacy so we trekked through the tall grass and dodged the cow patties. The lot in the back was nice and we both decided we liked it, or so I thought! We were walking back through the pasture to our car my husband spotted the pond. By the look on his face I knew this was our lot, ha! This just felt like our home.

     We called Ubuildit to start the process. Our Ubuildit planning consultant had been checking in with us to see if we were ready to start for about three years! I think I shocked him a little bit when I told him we were finally ready. He helped us with the process of buying the lot and then with planning our build. 

The months that followed where a whirlwind with banks, paperwork and meetings. Our home also still needed some finished to make it ready to sell at the top of the market. For a month during the busy end of school season we meticulously worked on our house and finally it was ready. We prayed it would sell for our target price and it did!

    So, in June of 2018 after a lot of hard work and planning we closed on our land. As I look back I marvel at how everything worked out. This land was meant for our family. And I am so so thankful that we waited until the right time. God is good! I can’t wait to share more about the process and our build. 

Many Blessings!